#030501 - HS 660199+0000-102 / 1350625056120829F / UNSPSC 53102505 See all

#030501 - Golf Umbrellas Rain GearSONCAP Certification, GB 31892-2015
1. The size of the umbrella is at 26, 28, 30, 32 inches larger than the ordinary Bai umbrella
2. umbrellas can be divided into single layer and double layer, and double layer can be divided into real double layer and home double layer
3. umbrella material is generally used in several materials, such as PG, polyester, etc
4. The frame of umbrella is made of fiber, glass fiber and carbon fiber. The price of carbon fiber will be more expensive
5. The function of umbrellas is strong, and it should be windproof, rainproof and ultraviolet proof
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