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Market Analasys of Community Supermarket

2020-06-29 12:01| Publisher: admin| Views: 1057| Comments: 0|Original author: DonchillinDaily

Description: The orientation of the supermarket enterprise must enable it stand out among many competitors and have a place in the hearts of consumers.
The orientation of the supermarket enterprise must enable it stand out among many competitors and have a place in the hearts of consumers. Generally speaking, positioning can be measured from the four aspects of "industrial characteristics" target market characteristics", "competitor characteristics" and "own conditions" to determine the most suitable niche for the development of the enterprise itself.
1. Industry Characteristics
(1) Supermarkets can replace traditional vegetable markets and provide high-quality, fresh and hygienic fresh food.
(2) Supermarkets concentrate on a complete range of products, and can provide consumers with daily food and daily necessities to meet their one-time purchase needs.
(3) Supermarkets emphasize reasonable prices and mainly provide popular and abundant commodities.
(4) Supermarkets emphasize shopping convenience and can provide good shopping places for nearby residents.
(5) Supermarkets emphasize service. In addition to providing a relaxed and comfortable shopping environment, supermarkets will also provide product information, cooking methods, cooked food, combined dishes, etc., so that they can be used by housewives who do not know how to cook or do not have enough time for cooking.
2. Target Market Characteristics
(1) Office working women who have formed a small family do not have time to shop in the vegetable market, and do not have much time to cook after returning home.
(2) Consumers who are not familiar with commodity knowledge or cooking methods.
(3) Consumers who pursue freshness, hygiene, good quality and less price sensitivity.
(4) Those with higher income level or education level, who prefer to try new things or pursue fashion.
(5) Consumers who pay more attention to the comfort of shopping environment.
(6) There are more women than men, and most of them are between 18 to 55 years old.
(7) Single residants.
(8) Consumers who prefer to hang out.
3.  Peer Competitors Characteristics
(1) Emphasys on price orientation, best price sales,
(2) Emphasize that it has fresh processing technology and freshness management technology, which can maintain fresh products quality.
(3) All products with complete varieties, or particularly complete varieties in certain categories.
(4) Emphasys on the characteristics of certain categories of commodities, such as: freshness, direct sales of origin, direct imports from abroad, novelty, rare, special taste, special purpose, etc.
(5) Additional services can be provided, such as delivery service, free parking, photocopying, phone card stamp sales, gift delivery, etc. 
(6) Special financial services can be provided, such as ATMs, credit cards, cash prepaid cards, membership cards, VIP cards, gift certificates, delivery coupons, etc.
(7) Emphasys on the personalization of the atmosphere of the store and promotional activities, and emphasize the overall image of high level style.
(8) Emphasize the variety of gifts available for purchase.
(9) Emphasize the ability to provide new product knowledge and new cooking methods.
(10) Emphasize on chain operation and be closer to home.
(11) Provide convenience for shopping time, such as working early or extending business hours
(12) Actively participate in public welfare activities.
4. Supermarket Own Advantages
This includes: business philosophy; financial capital capacity and operation status; professional management technology: fresh food processing talents and technology; corporate reputation and image; talent training and manpower supplement i plan: salary, welfare level; logistics subsidy ability.



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